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Wednesday 24 May (1st Day)

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00 - 09:15 Chairs of Committees: Welcoming Remarks

09.15-10.15 PLENARY


FCTC-TPD implementation in Europe

Chairs: Esteve Fernandez & Norma Cronin

  • Katja Bromen:The Tobacco Products Directive
  • Kristina Mauer-Stender: European tobacco control:  where are we now and what next?


10.15-11.00 PLENARY


FCTC monitoring and Article 5.3

Chairs: Carolyn Dressler & Cornel Radu-Loghin

  • Patricia Lambert: Don’t be duped: the tobacco industry is not all-powerful!
  • Geoffrey Fong: How to monitor FCTC implementation: the ITC study

11.00-11.30 Coffee break



EUREST-PLUS: Monitoring the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive (Round table)

Chairs: Constantine Vardavas & Geoffrey Fong



World No Tobacco Day 2017 and beyond: Linking Tobacco Control to Development Goals for Maximum Impact (Round table)

Chairs: Dominick Nguyen & Israel Agaku

  • Marie-Luise Abshagen: Linking tobacco control with SDGs - More than health issue
  • Margaretha Haglund: Tobacco control and gender: How to counteract the tobacco industry
  • Carolyn Dresler: Tobacco control and poverty: How tobacco consumption increases socio-economic inequalities
  • Laura Graen: Tobacco companies – good, sustainable, corporate citizens?



NGOs and Advocacy (Lectures)

Chairs: Bertrand Dautzenberg & Evangelos Filopoulos

  • Jan Peloza: The New Slovenian Tobacco Bill - Great Success Made Possible by Multi-stakeholders' Cooperation
  • Andrey Demin: Tobacco regulations and policies in the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Witold Zatoński: From Kazimierz to Athens: three decades of tobacco control advancement in Europe
  • Ramona Brad: A holistic approach to assessing the impact of a smoke-free ban in Romania
  • Dmitry Yanin: Involvement of Consumer Groups in Tobacco Control: Russia and Belarus Experience



Secondhand Smoke (Abstract presentations)

Chairs:  Anna Tzortzi & Silvano Gallus

  • Ariadna Feliu: Second-hand smoke exposure in settings not regulated by the spanish smoking law
  • Stephanie Teloniatis: Individual Factors Associated with Support for the Smoking Ban in Bars among Smokers and Non-smokers in Greece
  • Tina Termansen: Protocol and some results: Deciding and implementing Smoke Free Work Hours in a Danish context, a qualitative study.
  • Giuseppe Gorini: Attributable mortality and morbidity to second-hand smoke in Europe
  • Shosh Karni: Smoking cessation in teenagers: A Different Approach to a challenging task
  • George Rachiotis: Current and secondhand smoking in Greece. The GATS and GYTS studies.

13.00-14.00 Lunch break & Posters   (Poster Chairs: Guiseppe Gorini, Antigona Trofor)



Tobacco Cessation - Health Professionals and IT Communication (Round table)

Coordinators:  Mark Parascandola & Krzysztof Przewozniak

  • Krzysztof Przewozniak: Attitudes of Internet users in Poland toward the new Polish Tobacco Control Law and the EU Tobacco Products Directive – types of arguments and semantic maps portray
  • Aleksandra Herbeć: Evaluating smartphone-based stop smoking interventions – opportunities and challenges.
  • Nino Maglakelidze: Developing a Model Tobacco Cessation Clinic:
  • Arusyak Harutyunyan: Making treatment available and affordable
  • Iveta Nohavova: Training for Nurses in Eastern Europe



Adolescents: Tobacco & E-cigarettes (Abstract presentations)

Chairs: Artemis Tsitsika & Lucia Maria Lotrean

  • Marina Demi: Outreach of the “SmokefreeGreece” educational campaign in Greek Schools
  • Michael Schreuders: Understanding the impact of school tobacco policies on adolescent smoking behaviour: a realist review
  • Stacey Williams: New issues and age-old challenges: a review of young people’s relationship with tobacco
  • Lucia Maria Lotrean: Smoking prevention among school students with hearing disabilities from Romania
  • Sai Yin Ho: Favourable perceptions of electronic cigarettes relative to cigarettes and the associations with intention to use electronic cigarettes in Hong Kong adolescents
  • Bertrand Dautzenberg: The use of e-cigarettes in adolescents: public health consequences
  • Israel Agaku: Association between menthol cigarette smoking and current use of electronic cigarettes among US adolescents


ROOM B (Round table)

ERS actions on Tobacco Control

Chairs: Mina Gaga & Carlos Jimenez-Ruiz

  • Carlos Jimenez-Ruiz: ERS Iberian and Latin American tobacco control efforts
  • Paraskevi Katsaounou: Smoking cessation and ERS
  • Sofia Ravara: ERS advocacy actions on tobacco control
  • Constantine Vardavas: Updates on the Tobacco Products Directive in Europe
  • Filippos Filippidis: Plain Packaging in the EU: the ERS position
  • Dan Smyth: European Lung Foundation activities on Tobacco Control


NGOs and Advocacy II (Abstract presentations)

Chairs:  Andrey Demin & Kostantinos Vasileiou

  • Marine Gambaryan: Implementation of Tobacco Control Policy in Russia. Where are we after 3 years?
  • George Bakhturidze: Georgian Public attitudes regarding tobacco free environment
  • Miha Lovse: The new tobacco legislation in Slovenia and the role of NGOs
  • Giuseppe Gorini: MADES Study: Evaluation plan of the new Tobacco Product Directive 2014/40/UE in Italy
  • Pavel Antonov: Tobacco Industry interference in TAPS policy making in Bulgaria
  • Kinga Janik-Koncewicz: Role of the Health Promotion Foundation in tobacco control and capacity building among healthcare professionals in Poland
  • Olga Knorre: Innovations in Implementation: Using New and Traditional Media to Ensure Strong Implementation of Tobacco Control Laws in Russia

15.30-15:45Coffee break



TOB-G & Tobacco Dependence Treatment in Special Populations (Round table)

Coordinators: João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia & Katie Kemper

  • João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia: Treatment of Tobacco Dependence for Mental Health and Addiction Patients
  • Sofia Ravara: Treatment of tobacco dependence in high-quality cancer care
  • Varduhi Hayrumya: Treating Tobacco Dependence in Myocardial Infarction Patients
  • Maya Rodnay: Smoking cessation for pregnant women and their spouses: training the medical staff to create a supportive environment
  • Sophia Papadakis: Tob-G - Treatment of Tobacco Dependence in Pregnancy (TOB-G)
  • Antigona Trofor: Treatment of Tobacco Dependence in COPD
  • Arusyak Harutyunyan: Tobacco and Tuberculosis: Two Global Epidemics



Tobacco use: Cellular Mechanisms and Oral Health (Round table)

Chairs: David Scott & Nikos Koulouris

  • Francisco Lozano: The role of dentists in preventing tobacco induced diseases
  • Nurcan Buduneli: Clinical, microbiological and biochemical parameters in active smokers, non-smokers and environmental-smokers
  • David Scott: Mechanisms underlying predisposition to chronic periodontitis in tobacco and marijuana users.
  • Arzu Beklen: In vitro effect of smokeless tobacco on gingival epithelial cells
  • David Hein: Interaction of N-acetyltransferase genetic polymorphism and smoking on individual risk for urinary bladder and breast cancers
  • Mahmoud Alomari: Cardiovascular Function in Habitual Adolescents Smokers: The Irbid-TRY



Tobacco Econimics (Round table)

Chairs: Filippos Filippidis & Marta Trapero Bertran

  • Mark Parascandola: The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control: The New NCI/WHO Monograph
  • Anthony Laverty: Trends and variability in tobacco prices in the European Union
  • Filippos Filippidis: Can price differences between cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco explain the rise of roll-your-own tobacco use in Europe?
  • Konstantin Krasovsky: Tobacco affordability, sales and excise revenues in the 28 European Union countries in 2011-2014
  • Kostas Athanasakis: Tobacco Taxation in Greece and its potential impact on health



TACK-SHS training WP4

Post-Conference Time

17:30-19:30 TITAN - Global Bridges training

19:30-21:30 Opening Ceremony (Zappeion)


Thursday 25 May (2nd Day)


09.00-10:30 PLENARY


Cessation and Article 14

Chairs: Cornel Radu & Katie Kemper

  • Martin Raw: FCTC Article 14 implementation: evidence, trends, and rationale
  • Taylor Hays: Why FCTC Article 14 matters
  • Andrew Pipe: A new standard of care: addressing tobacco use in clinical settings

10:30-10:45Coffee break



Tobacco Industry Interference & Corporate Responsibility (Round table)

Coordinator: Francisco Lozano & Joshua Abrams

  • Pascal Diethelm: TI Interference in the current situation
  • Leszek Bartlomiejczyk: Traceability of tobacco products (TBC)
  • Laura Graen: After PMI lost its case against Uruguay: Are trade and investment agreements still a threat to tobacco control?
  • Rachel Melsom: Tobacco Global investments – the fight for tobacco-free pension funds



TackSHS - Horizon 2020 Research project aimed to tackle the effects of secondhand tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions (Round table)

Coordinator: Esteve Fernandez

  • Esteve Fernandez - Olena TigovaIntroduction

  • Maria J. López - Xavier Continente: Environmental assessment of SHS exposure in private settings and outdoor settings in Europe
  • Silvano Gallus - Alessandra Lugo: Survey on SHS and electronic cigarettes in Europe
  • Ruaraidh Dobson: Measuring for change: air quality feedback to reduce SHS exposure in the home
  • Anna Tzortzi - Constantine Vardavas: Clinical impact of SHS exposure to e-cigarettes emissions on the respiratory system
  • Marcela Fu - Olena Tigova: SHS exposure to aerosols from electronic cigarettes: personal and environmental assessment in confined spaces
  • Giuseppe Gorini: Attributable mortality and morbidity to SHS in Europe
  • Angel López-Nicolás - Marta Trapero-Bertran: Economic impact of SHS on morbidity and mortality and Return on Investment of Interventions



Cross-national standardized knowledge assessment for health care professionals (Round table)

Coordinator: Taylor Hays

  • Cristina Martinez: Process and impact assessment of an online smoking cessation course in three low-middle income countries in Latin America.
  • Linda Kaljee: Global Health Initiative. Programmatic fidelity and research instrument validity across diverse socio-cultural contexts
  • Juliet McDonnell: The IPCRG's Teach the Teacher Program: building capacity for the treatment of asthma across a European network of primary care organisations.
  • Sophia Papadakis: The experience from the Ottawa model for smoking cessation



ISPTID Board meeting

12:15-13:15 Lunch break & Posters   (Poster Chairs: Filippos Filippidis, Sofia Ravara)



Addressing tobacco use in primary health care (Abstract presentations)

Chairs: Christos Lionis & Andrew Pipe

  • Arusyak Harutyunyan: Discrepancy between primary healthcare physicians’ attitude and practice in providing smoking cessation
  • Charis Girvalaki: Effectiveness of the TITAN-CRETE program in increasing rates of evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment among general practitioners
  • Sophia Papadakis: TiTAN Greece & Cyprus – Primary Care Tobacco Treatment TrAining Network in Greece & Cyprus
  • Otto Stoyka: The effectiveness of interventions for primary care physicians to assist in smoking cessation
  • Alexander Plum: Training Health Providers in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to Counsel their Patients to Quit Tobacco: Implications for Culturally Competent Adaptation
  • Cristina Martinez: Assessing the adaptation and implementation fidelity of an Online Tobacco Cessation Training Program for Healthcare Professionals in three Spanish-speaking Latin American countries: The Fruitful Study
  • João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia: Very unsuccessful attempts to quit: examining correlates in the 13 countries where almost 2/3 of smokers live


    ROOM A

      Health and tobacco I (Abstract presentations)

      Chairs: Yannis Tountas

      • Marija Zdraveska: Incidence of respiratory symptoms and allergic diseases in adolescent smokers in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 
      • Oana Arghir: Is obstructive sleep apnea a tobacco induced disease?
      • Aleksandra Herbec: Smokers’ use of electronic cigarettes in the month before and after hospitalization. Findings from helping hand 2 study.
      • Ioannis Gkiozos: The intention of smoking cessation in cancer patients
      • F. Javier Ayesta: Influence of having a psychiatric diagnosis on smoking cessation
      • Maria Sofia Cattaruzza: The 40-day cytisine treatment for smoking cessation: the Italian experience.
      • Armine Abrahamyan: Missed opportunities for smoking cessation counseling in primary healthcare settings: a qualitative study in Armenia

      ROOM B

        Economics, Trade, Society and Tobacco (Abstract presentations)

        Chairs:  Kostas Athanasakis & Giuseppe Gorini

        • Estelle Dauchy: The Distributional Impact of Tobacco Tax Increases in Ukraine on Tobacco Use and Spending: Estimates from Survey Data
        • Konstantin Krasovsky: Recent trends in tobacco sales, excise revenues, and affordability in the former USSR countries
        • Marta Trapero Bertran: Labor losses associated with smoking mortality in Spain
        • Tatiana Andreeva: Tobacco smuggling estimates based on packs examination
        • Krzysztof Przewozniak: Tobacco or health in post-modern society – a sociological look at current and future challenges
        • Florin Mihaltan & Ioana Munteanu: The new anti-tobacco law in Romania -a partnership success

        ROOM C

        EU - Joint Action on Tobacco Control (Project Members only)

        Coordinator: Panagiotis Behrakis

          14:45 -15:00 Coffee break

          15:00-16:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS


          Implementing FCTC and TPD at regional and municipal level in Europe (Round table)

          Coordinator: Pierre Bizel & Konstantinos Gourgoulianis

          • Helle Stuart: Do you Smoke? - We can help you!
          • Cristiano Piccinelli: Health and economic impacts: a Prevention Lab in Piedmont
          • Giuseppe Gorini: Tuscany against tobacco : a quit lines evaluation
          • Stefaan Hendrickx: Smoke free Flanders : the Vigez experience
          • Bertrand Dautzenberg: "Paris sans tabac" initiatives
          • Pierre Bizel: The regional Wallon plan against tobacco in Belgium


          ROOM A

          Health and tobacco II (Abstract presentations)

          Chairs: Vassilis Diamantopoulos &  NurcanBuduneli

          • Tatiana Andreeva: Smokers' past experience and intentions in selecting cessation aids: implications of social learning theory
          • Ioannis Gkiozos: Effects of smoking cessation on lung cancer chemotherapy 
          • Hanna Amram: Maintenance following smoking cessation groups: a comparison between Arab and Jewish ex-smokers
          • Varduhi Hayrumyan:  The Use of Five “A’s” Tobacco Cessation Strategy among Patients Hospitalized for Myocardial Infarction in Armenia
          • Dimitra Sifaki-Pistolla:   Deprivation and smoking trends among lung cancer patients before and after the Greek economic crisis. Insights from the Cancer Registry of Crete.
          • F. Javier Ayesta: No differences among sexes in smoking cessation in the patients treated in specialized unit


          ROOM B

          NGOs & Regional Health Promotion (Round table)

          Coordinator:  Niels Them Kjær & Andrea Glahn

          • Jørgen Falk: Introduction to Nordic Tobacco Control -  a personal perspective
          • Antero Heloma: Finnish Tobacco Control and the FCTC Knowledge Hub
          • Margaretha Haglund: Tobacco Prevention and Advocacy in Sweden
          • Niels Them Kjær: Smoke Free Future in Denmark


            ROOM C

            TACK-SHS training WP2  (Project Members only)

            16:30-18:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS


              Project Quit Tobacco International (Round table)

              Coordinators: Mimi Nichter & Toker Ergüder

              • Aslı Çarkoğlu: Training Nurses in Smoking Cessation: Challenges and Opportunities
              • Şeyda Özcan: Including Smoking Cessation as Routine Care for Chronic Illness in Turkey: Case Studies from Diabetes Clinics
              • Nuran Aydın: Experiences of Turkish Pediatric Nurses and Midwives in Cessation Counseling with Parents
              • Ayşecan Terzioğlu: Women and Tobacco in Turkey: Reasons for Smoking and Urgent Need for Cessation


              ROOM A

              Smoking and Society (Abstract presentations)

              Chairs: Anna Kokkevi & John Yfantopoulos

              • Alessandra Lugo: Smoking in Italy in 2015-2016: prevalence, trends, roll-your-own cigarettes and attitudes towards incoming regulations
              • Hermine Poghosyan: Social context of smoking among non-institutionalized adults: results from 12 US states, 2015
              • Shosh Karni: Socioeconomic class in smoking cessation groups- who perseveres?
              • Tina Termansen: Protocol and some results: A systematic review of the methods and outcomes of Smoke Free Work Hours and other smoking regulations at workplaces
              • Sukaina Alzyoud: Behavioral counseling intervention for youth waterpipe smokers
              • Nihaya Al-Sheyab: The Effect of a “Class Smoke Free Pledge” on Breath Carbon Monoxide in Arabic Male Adolescents


              ROOM B

              Smoking Cessation Clinics in Greece (Round table)

              Chairs: Michalis Toumbis & Paraskevi Katsaounou

              • Paraskevi Katsaounou: Smoking Cessation Clinics running in Greece
              • Iro Schoretsaniti: Smoking Cessation using behavioral support
              • Ioanna Mitrouska: Smoking Cessation using pharmaceutical treatment.New guidelines
              • Dimos Fotopoulos: Smoking Cessation in Psychiatric patients in Greece
              • Athanasia Pataka: Smoking Cessation in Respiratory patients
              • Athina Diamanti: Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy


              ROOM C

              TOB.g & EPACTT  (Project Members only)

              Post-Conference Time

              18:00-20:00 ENSP GA


              Friday 26 May (3rd Day)


              09.00-10.30 PLENARY & WORKSHOP


              Global next steps of tobacco control

              Chairs: Florin Mihaltan & Theofilos Rosenberg

              • Constantine Vardavas: Tobacco Products in the EU: Results of EUREST and PRECISE
              • Esteve Fernandez: E-cigarette Emissions Results of the 2017 WHO report
              • Israel Agaku: New Perspectives in Tobacco Control within the US: Accelerating Our Progress. (US CDC)

              ROOM A

              Hands on trainning session - Tobacco Control Advocacy for Health Care Professionals

              Chairs: Cornel Radu-Loghin & Katie Kemper

              • Joshua Abrams: The Power of HCP Advocacy, in and beyond Europe
              • Francisco Lozano: HCP Advocacy in Europe
              •  Olga Knorre: Skills-building session

              10.30-11.00 PLENARY


              Plain Packaging

              Chairs: Luke Clancy & Yannis Tountas

              • Mike Daube : Plain Packaging

              11.00-11.30 Coffee break & Posters

              11.30-12.30 PLENARY


              Tobacco, Human Rights and FCTC Illicit trade protocol

              Chairs: Dominick Nguyen & Stephen Lequet

              • Carolyn Dresler - US FDA: Social determinants, human rights andtobacco use
              • Panagiotis Behrakis: Passive smoking and human rights
              • Pascal Diethelm: The history and current relevance of the FCTC Illicit Trade Protocol

              13.00-13.30 Closing Ceremony - Athens Declaration, ENSP 20th Anniversary Awards

              CONFERENCE ENDS


              13:30-15:00 Global Bridges meeting & working Lunch

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